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We love Afghan Rugs, and we think you will, too. Afghan rugs are timeless in nature and are made to withstand all that life has to offer. They are resilient, and they build character through use. We hope you will find joy in owning and displaying these beautiful, handcrafted pieces of artistry; and just as your family grows and matures, so will your beloved rug.
Our hope is that many years from now your rugs will be passed through your family from father to son and mother to daughter. An Afghan rug can provide your family joy for hundreds of years, becoming a priceless heirloom that’s passed through the generations.
Let us tell your story. 
Since inception we have provided our employees steady work and support for their families. Together we all work to provide the world access to a premier line of authentic, handmade rugs, while keeping the overall cost relatively low.
We feel it is better to give back and a make a positive change globally, and feel fortunate that we can do this.
Our team begins their search for the perfect rug in Mazar-e-Sharif, and then travels east to the Hindu Kush. Each rug added to the portfolio is hand selected. Consequently, we maintain a small portfolio of exclusive content.
Our company and portfolio are located in the United States.
We are an American company based in Florida.